About Hair Loss

Hair loss or baldness is one of the most disturbing misfortunes that happen to most ladies, in men baldness is commonly associated with high levels of testosterone, and therefore it’s more common to them than to their counterparts. This, thus, makes baldness in women a very sensitive matter since their hair constitutes a more significant portion of their beauty. The issue has prompted beauticians to come up with numerous ways of masquerading the hair loss and among the ways is by hair replacement and use of real human hair wigs.

On the other hand, there are those that do not suffer from this condition, but they either have a slow growth rate or have a different hair preference other than theirs. This lot has found more solutions in wigs and extensions that give them the ultimate intended look. These methods are relatively cheap compared to hair transplant and other advanced permanent solutions to hair loss.

What Causes hair loss in women.

Genetic causes

Some women are born with a genetic makeup that leads to hair loss. Androgenic alopecia is the genetically inherited condition that causes baldness mostly in women. This can, however, be noticed earlier in life and therefore mitigating remedies can be applied to prevent one from becoming completely bald.

Lack of minerals such as Iron

Deficiency of this essential mineral can cause balding especially to women who experience heavy menstrual periods without putting up a plan to replenish the lost Iron. Beside anemic condition, hair growth is also impaired, and it is one of the early indicators of this disease.

Also protein and other minerals such as vitamins are equally important for healthy hair growth and it is of great essence to ensure that you balance your diet.

Too much Hair-do

Once in a while styling is advisable but too much of setting, excessive use of chemicals, dying and other hair treatments can lead to the weakening of the hair and hence its impaired growth. Heat, for example, used when blow drying has an adverse effect on the hair shafts when done so often.

Autoimmune conditions

An autoimmune condition is where the body’s immune system fails to recognize specific body cells and attacks them as foreign. Condition like lupus is one where the immune system attacks any cell and when it attacks the follicle cells, hair growth is compromised.


Any form of stress affects the immune system and some of the effects are manifested through conditions like Dandruffs and thinning of the scalp. Avoiding these stress and proper rehydrating can take care of this.


No woman should suffer from baldness, get yourself a nice human hair wig or a clip on hair topper and regain your elegance.

Things to Avoid If You’re Experiencing Hair Loss

If we are really concerned about our locks, the following are some common mistakes we should avoid as first priorities:

Say No to Hair Sprays:

Sprays containing keratin particles are available in the market. The keratin particles in these sprays are basically hair-building fibers that provide instant thickness to the hair. Although such products claim to provide a natural look, they create a very unnatural appearance and draw attention towards the thinning hair. Moreover, these products badly affect scalp health so it’s better to avoid them.

Don’t Get Hairpieces:

Most hairpieces available are not made from natural human hair. Unless you get a wig set from a hair expert in a fine quality salon, it doesn’t look natural. All you do is pay thousands and get nothing worthy enough in return. However, customized hair wigs can be a better solution.

Get Rid of Those Ugly Extensions:

Hair extensions are not the solution to your hair loss problems. In fact, these extensions can make the situation worse. Your hair and scalp are sensitive and are not able to carry much weight. When you wear extensions, the weight of the extensions pulls on your hair. This constant hair pulling can lead to a severe hair condition named Traction Alopecia. So, it is recommended not to invest in such kind of hairstyling as a permanent solution.

Don’t Go After Hair Plugs:

Hair restoration surgeries are proven to be quite dangerous for your overall scalp and hair health. They can cause bleeding, infections, scars and what not. Most of the time, these surgeries don’t yield the desired results. Moreover, hair plugs are an outdated form of hair transplant surgery. It’s better not to go for this option.

Avoid Getting Ugly Hairstyles:

Comb-overs are quite common in people with hair loss. But to be honest, it is a really bad idea. This is because you can’t keep your hair in place all the time and this draws more attention towards your hair loss. Similarly, growing hair long from the back or some other part will only highlight the patches where you’ve got less amounts of hair.

You Can’t Wear Hats All the Time:

Hats or scarfs are no doubt a good option but you can’t wear them every time you go somewhere. In fact, wearing things on your mane all the time can affect its health.

Instead of going after ineffective and unyielding options, go for some other healthy and natural alternatives. It is important to treat the underlying cause of hair loss or hair thinning first. Try using products made from natural ingredients. Improve your diet and overall lifestyle. Moreover, you can also take healthy hair vitamins that could help your hair grow in a much healthier manner.